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Be a Partner Associate and Earn $$$

The business gurus say that getting clients is not an end in itself. You must have adequate resources to give satisfactory services to your clients. We say no! All you have to do is find clients. The rest is simple and here's how.

We are actively looking forward to partner with organizations or independent agents for sourcing projects in Offshore Development. If you have contacts to convert to opportunities, you are the best-fit as a reseller. We provide services in the field of Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Reputation Management, Dot Net Application Development and iPhone/iPad/Mobile Application Development. Here are the types of Reseller Programs that we have on offer at the moment.

Private Label Reseller

  • No upfront payment required. We only charge you when we start working on a project.
  • We will handle all pre-sales enquiries on your behalf, so that you're able to confidently handle client queries and quickly close sales deals.
  • We take confidentiality very seriously and make every effort to protect your interest.
  • As a Business Associate you are eligible to a discount in pricing that depends on the experience of your company and the expected sales volume.
  • You can choose to set up any number of resellers under you.
  • You will retain sole ownership of the portfolio, deal with the client, and extend localised support. We will, of course, provide online support whenever requested.
  • We also give away Prize money at the end of each quarter depending on the amount of sales generated.

Brand Reseller

  • No upfront payment required. We make money when you do.
  • We handle all pre-sales enquiries on your behalf, so that you find it easy to handle client queries and can quickly close sale deals.
  • All design and development work will be done at previously fixed rates. You take away a commission for every sale that you make. Of course, the percentage amount of this commission depends on your experience and the volume of sales that you bring in.
  • We will jointly own portfolio rights over the website developed. Plus you will also gain access to our existing portfolio.
  • You deal directly with the client and provide localised support and we chip in with online support whenever requested.
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