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Terms of Service

This page consists of Terms and Conditions that govern the use of Hiredesigner.com and its services. The visitors requested to read the page carefully. By hiring a resource or submitting enquiry form at Karmick Solutions Private Limited (KSPL), the clients or visitors agrees to acknowledge the terms and conditions mentioned beneath.

It is suggested that all visitors go through this page carefully before using our services. If you are unwilling to accept any of the terms and conditions, you are requested not to use any of our services.

Karmick Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has the copyright of all the content belonging to this website. You might not produce any of the content without prior permission of Karmick Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Payment Details

Karmick Solutions Private Limited sends all the details of work and hours to the customers along with the invoice through e mail. Corrections related to the working hours must be informed in writing within 3 days and the necessary adjustments will be done in the following invoice.

Karmick Solutions Private Limited has the right to modify the terms of Resource Assignment (even rates).

The clients have to pay for the idle time of the resources as well. Karmick Solutions Private Limited is not responsible for the idle time if the client has no task to allocate to the resources. Karmick Solutions will proportionately adjust the fees if the total number of days is less than the specified one.


Termination of an Agreement is possible when the customer ends all resource assignments and clears the outstanding balance. Karmick Solutions Private Limited or any part of it has every right to terminate the Agreement if the customer fails to make payment on time and does not take initiative to take remedial action within 7 days of the notice. If an agreement is terminated because of customer default, all expenses related to the agreement termination has to be borne by the customer.


Both the parties should not disclose any confidential information to any 3rd party except as stated in the Agreement. Karmick Solutions Private Limited ensures that its contractors and employees will definitely sign a Non Disclosure Agreement for maintaining the specified level of confidentiality.

Non Soliciation of Employees

During the term of this Agreement, and for a period of two (2) year thereafter, Customer will not directly or indirectly solicit the employees or contractors of KSPL without the prior written consent of KSPL.

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